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San Fernando Valley Air Duct Cleaning Experts

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Your air ducts for the HVAC or the dryer vent probably don’t get much of your attention, but you can’t afford to ignore them! The EPA estimates that your indoor air can get at as much as 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air if your ductwork is not cleaned. That would represent a major threat to your health, or the health of your loved ones.

If you need air duct cleaning for residential and commercial air conditioning systems and dryer vents, San Fernando Valley Carpet Cleaning Experts offers the services. Call us today. Keeping your air ducts clean will ensure quality indoor air for your family, or your staff and workers. Air ducts can promote the growth of harmful mold and bacteria that causes a number of respiratory diseases. We offer very affordable air duct cleaning services in San Fernando Valley.

With your ducts cleaned, not only do you get to enjoy clean breathable indoor air, your air conditioner or dryer vent will be a lot more energy-efficient. That means saving money on your energy bills. These systems use less energy to heat or cool the air when the air ducts are cleaned to remove the deposits of dust, mold and mildew, etc. You may end up spending more in energy costs alone if your ductwork is not cleaned, than what is needed to clean the ducts! Call our cleaning experts for fast, same-day services.

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Air ducts should to be cleaned at once every 3-5 years under normal circumstances. But more frequent cleaning could be necessary in certain circumstances – for example if there are heavy smokers in the home, or pets that shed heavily, and following a remodeling work, etc. We recommend air quality testing to determine if you need to re-schedule air duct cleaning.

San Fernando Valley Air Duct Cleaning Experts is the place to call for both residential and commercial air duct cleaning. We can work on a wide variety of air conditioning and ventilation units, and heavy-duty industrial systems. If you need help to ensure that you have quality indoor air in your home, office or business, we are here for you!

We offer duct cleaning for dryer vents. If you have noticed increased drying times when you use your system, it could be that your ductwork needs cleaning! Act quickly before the air ducts get clogged, because when that happens, you could have a potential fire hazard on your hands. Call us for dryer duct cleaning anytime 24/7.

Our air duct cleaning experts use a technique that ‘blasts’ all the deposited stuff off the interior walls of the ductwork so it can be safely extracted by the negative airflow vacuums for containment and disposal. Your ductwork will be free of the stuff and not need cleaning for a number of years. We can also sanitize the ducts if mold and mildew is a source of concern in your specific situation. Call us today for all your air duct cleaning needs!

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